Days 11, 12 & 13 Catching up

Hi guys!  How is everyone doing?  I’ve been reading and catching up on your journey but haven’t written.  A mom of 7 can do so much you know 😉  No worries, time to catch you guys up on my journey. I definitely have had some firsts and some questions for ya’ll (yup I live in Texas ya’ll)

I took my “lil-bitch” pup out to the dog park during the day (11am) hoping to catch up with a new friend I made there.  On my way there I listened to some podcasts from Belle at tiredofthinkingaboutdrinking about sobriety. My new friend’s name is A and she is really fun, we get along and our dogs get along. She is my age and I think she is really cool. We were chatting, catching up and enjoying the weather. The kind of weather that brings in a cool breeze which makes you get goose bumps and then yet the sun that is over us warms us like a big hug which also brings goose bumps. It was truly a beautiful day. I asked her what her weekend plans were and she tells me about drinking wine and watching college football, about visiting the Tasting Room and drinking wine with her fiance and how much her an her fiance love drinking wine, so much so they easily kill a bottle together every night. As she says this, I say…yes I really like wine too and I easily can finish a bottle myself. Right before we parted, she suggests we hang out one day and have drinks and I said I would enjoy that.  REALLY!!!!!  WHAT WAS THAT?!  DID I JUST PRETEND TO BE A DRINKER?  That tripped me up for the rest of the day…I wanted to drink so much so that I went and bought a variety of none alcoholic beers and drank 4 to get me through Halloween night. Who does that?  Our Halloween is usually us getting dressed up, I trick or treat with the kids with wine in my mug and my husband passes out candy with beer in his mug. We then all get together, go through candy and watch a scary movie with many many drinks. This year hubby went at it alone and hence my FIRST sober Halloween!

I have no idea what I was. I just started and ended up with this hippie smurf/avartarish sugar skull :)
I have no idea what I was. I just started and ended up with this hippie smurf/avartarish sugar skull 🙂

Day 12.  Soccer games all day with the kiddos and I was happy to be so clear minded and feeling great (the feeling of carrying a 2×4 on my back due to a hangover has disappeared). Nana and papaw (my in-laws) came over to watch the games and afterwords we caught them up on our lives. We shared beloved’s potential good news on a great job opportunity he will be interviewing for (2nd interview) on Tuesday and such things. In the middle of our sharing, beloved shares with them…”Veronica doesn’t drink anymore, she is on Day 12!”  I nearly fell off my chair. Wide eyes I look over at him and was flabbergasted.  Why did you share that?  “Why not?, he replied, “You shared my news and I wanted to share your news” I said, “But your news is happy great news!” My mother-in-law then claims my news is great too.

Later I told my husband that I didn’t appreciate his announcement about me and that it embarrassed me. I told him that I had planned all along to do this silently and besides with that statement he now lead on to his parents that I had alcohol problems. His reply even further exasperated me. He said, “You think they didn’t know?”  Of course they must have known. Didn’t I drink so much this last beach vacation? I threw up, cried and past out in front of all of them? Don’t forget, they also know about that night my husband called the police because I was so lite up, he didn’t know what else to do. Of course they knew.

Day 13. Enjoyed waking up before everyone else, had my cup of coffee, let dogs out, did a load of laundry, unloaded the dishes & read a couple of blogs. I just LOVE feeling wide awake sans the haze of a hungover!  Got kids up ready for church and spent the rest of my day reading my new book Unwasted.

I am looking forward to Day 14. 2 Weeks!  Wooohoooo!!!!!


4 Replies to “Days 11, 12 & 13 Catching up”

  1. I understand why you would casually agree to drinks with a new friend. Telling people you don’t drink can be so tricky. Either they think you are weird, don’t believe you or ask you lots of personal questions (I think gay people get similar stuff about their sex life). Well done on Day 14! xx

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  2. I agree. i think you are doing well and it’s hard to tell people that you don’t drink. A good option would be to suggest doing something non-drinking related instead. Maybe go shopping together?


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