Day 15. Stop Crying

I got “the call” today. V’s Spinal Fusion surgery is tentatively scheduled for December 2nd. This is a big big surgery for my 13yr old. It is necessary to correct his scoliosis.  It hit me hard.

I decided that I didn’t need to add the extra pressure of cooking Thanksgiving for my family so I called them and canceled Thanksgiving at our house. My mother 1st tells me to stop crying and have faith.  Pppft!  I AM allowed to cry and feel and faith has NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT!    Uuurgh, isn’t that why we are all alcoholics in our family?  I learned from a very early age that the way to cope with pain was to drink.

Not me, not this time.  I need to be present and sober for V! It’s not about me but rather him. I want no regrets if surgery doesn’t go well and I want my mother far away from me!


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