Day 89 No drinking. Tomorrow I am running a full marathon

It’s been 2 very emotional days and there is so much to write about but I don’t have time. I have to get into bed now (9:43pm) so that I can wake up at 2:50am so that I can be at the marathon race by 5am.  I will come back and write about the following:

-Fights with my husband and what they do to me
-My tears and how I never was held when I was growing up
-Pasta party, wine and my heart continues to break for the boys with DMD
-My friend who just lost her 15 yr old is now losing her 18 yr old to the disease and how that hits so close to home.

I will write more later.  For now, wish me luck.  I didn’t fully train for this marathon (I will tell you why more later) and failed to switch my race to a half marathon because I missed the deadline. Longest run this training season was 12 miles. 😦  hardly enough to be prepared for 26.2.

Oh and I took a hit today. I found an ancient stash in an old old old bag from when I was single (4 yrs ago) and took a hit(Just 1) of it.  😦  So Day 0 on pot smoking.

Good night.


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