101 Days No Drinking: 14.5 weeks: 14 Pound Weight Loss

And that’s only the progress made in a little over 3 months. Add more time to my clean eating, no drinking, work out momentum and who knows what else can happen?

I completed my first week of college math this week. I am attending class 3 days of week for an hour each day. Already I can feel, yes feel my mind expanding, growing and readjusting itself to learn. I do pray that my past years of chronic pot smoking and recent occasional pot smoking won’t interfere with my learning. Maybe this will be what says once and for all “good bye” to any and all tendencies of self destructive behavior.

As I CONTINUE to search the why’s I have a magnetic pull to self sabotage, I find myself overflowed by gratitude. I have so much to be thankful for and my life truly feels full.  I have JOY. It’s liberating. So much has enhanced in my life just by giving up drinking and being consistent in clean eating and workouts which extend over to my children, husband, friends and extended family.

For today, I am #happythatIquit drinking (thanks Feeling!) and happy that I am at least on the right path and continue to learn to love myself while I run this race of endurance.


2 Replies to “101 Days No Drinking: 14.5 weeks: 14 Pound Weight Loss”

  1. Ghegheghe, gonna need to keep an eye on Twitter… or maybe register the #HappythatIquit…. 😀

    I am happy that you quit too and feeling the JOY. And wow 7 kilo!! DF!!!!! I am envious! And obviously not running while you are. And the math lessons going on, how cool is that?

    Congrats on the 101 days 🙂

    xx, Feeling

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