105 Days of No Drinking: Minimalism

I have been listening to an Audible book on minimalism.  I am currently feeling overwhelmed as I attempt to keep up with all our clothes and dishes. I just want to say FUCK IT to it all and pack it all up and donate.  Why am I washing all these things, day in and day out and it just keeps piling up.  Today alone, I ironed 5 slacks for my husband. I have 7 more to go. There are over 15 dress shirts in my pile AND a full hamper full of his clothes in my van ready to take to dry cleaning for a little help.  It’s probably more than 20 items.

I really desire for silence, less clutter not only in my home but also in my mind.  I have been fighting depression for the last 2 days. Truth be told since I started this no drinking journey and started my No Excuse mentality workouts; depression has stayed away.

I HATE consumption!  I always knew I did.  It’s what makes Thanksgiving (black Friday, Cyber Monday) and Christmas so damn irritating to me which always led to sadness hence depression.

I”m taking deep breaths and trying really really hard to be gentle with myself although for whatever reason, it’s getting increasingly difficult.

Just for today, I will just be thankful I am NOT “consuming” alcohol and therefore bottles and cans all over the house in my many hidden places.  Thank GOD for THAT!!!!


5 Replies to “105 Days of No Drinking: Minimalism”

    1. So far so good on the no drinking no excuse thing. Currently on my 15th week. It was been the path that has me now opening the minimalism word and I strongly believe that through minimalism, I will find more freedom from any thing, bad habits and have to’s. I’m not only thinking minimalism, I find it necessary for my life. Now to convince my super consumer, loves to shop and collect, hoarding yet adorably beautiful husband. Wish me luck on THAT for sure! 🙂

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  1. Light, I hear you. And yes, he can do with way less cloths. Go tell him :-D.

    Question: is there a link between you being frustrated over the laundry or is it looking at the consumption (and……. thoughts that follow) that make you be not being gentle on yourself?

    I am thinking of you here, sending hugs through the air and I wish I could help you out because I really like ironing shirts. But only with a good ironboard and irons. Otherwise it drives me crazy. 🙂

    xx, Feeling

    PS: You can just be gentle on yourself. You don’t have to deserve it or work for it.


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