161(?) days no drinking. Summer of no booze kinda has me bummed.

Hi guys!  It’s been a while.  I’m happy to report I am still sans drinking. So very much has transpired since I last wrote about 2 months ago.  I have learned a lot mostly about myself. I look forward to sharing all that with you here soon.

For now, I need to make it quick as I have to get ready for class.  I just wanted to share with the summer before us, that I am finding myself tempted to have a drink here and there, by the pool, at a patio, etc.

This will be my first summer without my evil friend, so I’ve decided to get some online support to get me through.




6 Replies to “161(?) days no drinking. Summer of no booze kinda has me bummed.”

  1. Hi V, and congrats to your journey sans drinking – so happy for you! And: congrats that you decided to share your thoughts with us, it is SO important not to feel alone…I can understand you; the first year of not drinking comes along with so many “firsts”: first birthday, first christmas, etc. For each of us, there are different opportunities we used to strongly connect with alcohol, and who seem so stale or boring or just impossible to enjoy without it. I know you’ll find the strength to resist, now that you know how great life can be without our evil, poisonous “friend” 🙂 Just take one day after the other. I hope you have someone around you that can help you if you are “in danger”, and if not: just think of us other former “never enough” drinkers. I’m in my forth year now; 16th of May I’ll be celebrating again. So much has happened that wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t quit. Today I know who I am, what I want, and I live a big deal of it 🙂 Sending you blessings, power and strength – happy Easter and all the best!

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  2. Hi Light,

    Good to hear from you. 🙂 Congrats on your 168 days!
    Not sure how to deal because I believe I never did a sober summer in my life but I guess I would go for the home juiced vegetable / fruit juices or specialty mocktails. But having learned a little about you and your household you are busy enough as it is. Then again, having to get sober if the ‘moderation’ did not happen to work out would cost more in health, energy and time. So, maybe juices and mocktails? I actually got my juicer 2nd hand, loads of people only juice for 3 months and then put theirs with the bread-machine, the blender, the table steam oven, the…. and of course the rocket chef (slices, dices, chops, whisks, mixes AND is easy to clean, comes with…. and a book and…?). Well, in the cabinet next to that rocket cheff are loads of nice juicers. :-).
    But I’m sure all the long-sober people out here will know a lot of tips and tricks to deal with this.
    Oh yeah, this one: don’t worry about later, your are not in later, you are now. That helps me. It is my idea to be sober forever and I am happy to be so. But when I stretch myself into the future it’s like AAAAAAAAAHRGGGG! Can’t deal!! So, no worrying about the future and alcohol for me. 🙂
    Hugs and love,

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  3. I’m at 168 days without drinking today. I got to the point where I drank everyday and felt like crap, until I drank again. I functioned pretty well at work in spite of my drinking. But was definitely feeling that my health was declining. I’m 52 years old with two kids that need me. I’m no kid anymore and want to be here for them. The cravings are decreasing substantially but still there. Not drinking is becoming the new normal and I’m finding time for the things I always said I would do like kayaking and reading books on American history. My sleep patterns have improved and am losing weight. I still have issues with being tired at times and feeling a bit disconnected with people. But I probably always was to some extent. For years I kept telling myself that I should quit drinking or cut down a bit but cutting back never happened. I prayed to God to take this burden from me. I didn’t want to live this life anymore and felt powerless to stop. Something amazing happened, I was able to just stop drinking. Not that I’m not tempted to drink, I do miss it at times. But now I have the power to say NO. Now chocolate is another story!
    Life is getting better every day.

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    1. Hi Steve! I’m so happy for your 168 days. I sure do look forward to getting there once again. I’m on 64 days today. I hate that I relapsed but I get it, and take it as part of the journey and growing.

      I too have kids that depend on me. 3 boys, two whom are wheelchair bound. I feel at peace knowing I am present with them and paying attention to all the little details I use to neglect with them because of drinking. Its what I am most grateful for.

      I have been praying to God to take this burden from me as well since I was 21! I am now 39. And like you, one day while I was at a bridal party drinking he showed me a vision of two puzzle pieces that didn’t fit. I didn’t understand it so I asked him to reveal the meaning and he did. He told me that I don’t fit here with a drink in my hand. That I was meant to be set apart. I thanked him and smiled for I knew it was him. I didn’t put my drink down however and kinda forced myself to continue that night and the next day (I was in Puerto Rico with a huge wedding party so that whole event was with drinks). However, that next night as I looked down at my wine, I sat it down and said no more and that was it. Didn’t pick up again. I agree, I don’t necessarily have the cravings either but I struggle with the associations. I forget that drinking and fun really don’t go together but am thankful that God quickly reminds me of how NOT fun it was and how messy it was in reality.

      Thank you for sharing your sobriety with me Steve. I greatly appreciate it. Let’s keep moving forward in His strength! 🙏


      1. Thanks for your post. Just like you, most of my friends and siblings lives revolve around alcohol. It’s impossible to get away from. But I’ve noticed recently that these people don’t seem to be very happy. I still like to hang out with them but not for long periods because they are always drinking. It makes me uncomfortable to watch them become enebriated and Inevitably begin to slur their speech. It all seams so pointless. I pity them somewhat because their live seams to be so empty and they are just medicating themselves just as I was. I’m not judgental because I know how they feel. I hope I can be an inspiration to them in some way. I’ve been drinking for years and never thought I would come home on Friday evening after work and not be pounding glasses of wine and beer until I passed out. I’m getting to the point in my sobriety that I actually look forward to a cup of tea and a good book. I haven’t read this much since high school. I’ve been off and on reading the Bible and I know I need to prioritize that. Nobody’s perfect. Life is getting better everyday and I know I’m a work in progress. I believe your relapse was just a hiccup in your journey and has given you the reassurance of where you know you need to be. When we stumble it’s easy to feel defeated . Thankfully,You obviously know where to draw your strength. Please pray for me and I will do the same. Keep in touch. Steve

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