…except me.  EveryoneOnFBDrinksI know this is a very very good thing, but boy do I feel “left out.” 😦  Can anyone relate? I truly enjoy FB for my workout community and the connection I have with many moms across the country whom have boys with DMD like my boys, so truly getting out of FB isn’t an option. I tried it once and while I was out of it for 3 months, I lost some friends to the DMD disease and didn’t realize it till 8 months later!!!!!  Don’t want that to happen again. Yet and however, FB can be a drinking trigger.

In addition to all of this, there are adult birthday parties my husband and I are attending and we ourselves are having a fight party on May 2nd. It is so annoying watching other people get drunk especially because suddenly I become extremely judgmental and have to redirect my brain and remind myself constantly that I too was/am like that.

I am thankful that I DO remember where I was a little over 5 months ago and it’s enough to keep me away. But still….the struggle is real!


2 Replies to “168 Days of No Drinking. EVERYONE ON FACEBOOK DRINKS…”

  1. You are so right and so not alone. I find that alcohol is everywhere which is funny because when I used to drink I didn’t even notice. Isn’t it funny how now we can even pick out when people are drinking and messaging us on Facebook? I think this is one thing that I struggle with and is causing much loneliness everyone else is doing something which involves drinking. It is SO hard to find a social outing that doesn’t include it. I can now see what a huge problem there is with what people think is just social drinking it is actually scarey and it also worries me that we are portraying to the next generation that this is totally acceptable. I am trying super hard not to become a judgemental cow but find it difficult so am distancing myself more and more.

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  2. Yes, my judgmental spirit gets me down and yet I can’t seem to help it. For example, the other night, during a date night with hubby, we went to a restaurant/bar to watch one of our favorite performers. On our table was another couple and I was fixated on how many drink the husband was having. He had a unique way of keeping up with his drinks. He would peel the label and paste them on the table. By the end of the dinner, he had had 8 beers! And boy did I notice how unhappy his wife was and how much his personality changed. I sat there watching them more than the performer and shaking my head at him and judging! Uuurge! I DO NOT like being that way!

    Oh and I 100% agree with you regarding the message to the next generation. Guess how I became a drunk? I was raised up to associate drinking with fun! Thanks mom and dad…NOT


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