Day 32: 10 Things

It’s been an interesting 10 days since I last blogged. I’ve learned so much about myself in these days. Let me share:

10 Positive Things I’ve Learned about myself;

1.  I can trust my mind. I can make decisions that make logical and emotional sense. I learned that I am NOT indecisive and uncertain. I’m quite certain actually. 

2. I’ve learned that I am strong. Really REALLY strong. That I don’t shy away from hard things. I give it my all and best. 

3.  I have faith! I learned that I still have faith even in fear and when I am concerned or worried. I know I have faith because I bring these fears and worries to God whom I know cares about said worries and fears. I trust in Him wholeheartedly. He will get me through. 

4.  I have good in me. I learned that I am a nurturer and care deeply.  I want to do what’s right always, even when I don’t end up doing right. I still want to do what’s right. Make sense? 😊

5.  I’m extremely responsible. I care for my boys fully and am on top of it. 

6.  I adult pretty well. My priorities seem to be in line since I became sober. 

7.  I am learning to take care of myself too. I rest, workout, eat healthy and I have even made time to paint my toenails! 

8.  I learned that I have great friends whom care so much about me and love me.  I have a wonderful support system.

9.  I learned that I can trust the voice of God speaking to me, not because I’m special but because I seek it and I check my heart to make sure I am not seeking my own self but rather seeking all of Him. I read my bible and pray and enjoy His fellowship. 

10. I learned that I truly get recharged when I surround myself with nature, animals and art. 

There are also things I have learned that are not so positive, yet will be positive soon enough. This is the beginning of awareness so therefore, I will learn. There is hope yet. 

1.  Do to my caring nature, I tend to pick codependent relationships whom I want to love until they are healthy. 

2.  I recognize now that I was in an emotionally abusive situation. 

3.  I don’t have automatic good habits currently. I’m working on building them like making the bed everyday, exercising, eating right, being honest at all times. 

4.  I care way way too much about what others think of me and what they are saying of me. 

I’m sure there is more to be revealed. So far this is how much I know. It’s a good start. How reassuring it is to know that I am indeed on the path of healing and recovery. 

Thank you friends for reading. Cheers to day 32. 


3 Replies to “Day 32: 10 Things”

  1. This is why the 12 steps work well. They are a process of self evaluation. Not criticism, just noting and naming, as you have done here.

    Of course we all share these traits to varying degrees. Learning to not latch on to the ones that drag is down is a life long process!

    Thank you for sharing your list!

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