Day 53: Free Day

Not only is today 53 days sans alcohol, today also marks 2 Months since I broke up with Mary Jane!  Feels good to be completely sober. 

Despite an emotional morning due to some critics in my life, today turned out to be a very neat day. I called it….a Free Day. It started by first going to a birthday party at a really neat place called Top Golf. It was the birthday of my middle son’s best friend. He turned 16. This friend also has the same disease my son has, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and to make it to another birthday is a really really REALLY BIG deal. It warms my heart to witness such a loving friendship between the two boys. The games were free for us and the food was Delish as well as free. The company…totally priceless. 

Then we headed out to an exposition called Abilities Expo. A place were special needs people gather together and see the neat gadgets, equipment and automobiles available for them. The event was free and the boys and I enjoyed it very much. My heart was all warm and fussy as I witnessed the caregivers and their loves ones enjoying their day. There so much beauty in these bonds. 

 We than just hung out afterwards at a park waiting for the time to pass so we could then gather with other parents of Muscular Dystrophy boys for dinner. Also free!  

I am, at heart, a shy person. New people and places tend to cause me to feel anxious and I usually want to talk myself out of the experience. In the past, alcohol would ease the anxiousness and give me a little liquid courage to interact. I forced myself to go. I felt very strongly about the fact that these are the types of friends that would be great for me and the boys especially during this transitional time. As we drove to the dinner venue, my boys asked a lot of questions about what to expect. Will there be other wheelchairs? Will we know these friends from MDA camp? Etc. I shared what I knew based on some occasional mommy gatherings I attended. I told them that most likely they would be the oldest there and that we would be possibly the only family that has gone through more of the disease than the other families. I asked them to be open and accepting and to answer any questions openly and honestly. You guys, it was a wonderful spiritual time. I was so proud of my boys. They handled themselves really nicely. They remained honest and true and I could tell they inspired. I also felt at ease with myself and even though I was the only one without a husband there (as usual even when I was together with my husband) and I was the only one with governmental assistance and the only one whom doesn’t have my boys in special schools nor do they see the best specialists in the nation (all facts that use to intimidate me), I felt comfortable. I didn’t think twice about anything, I didn’t have any doubts about myself and I was truly just being myself. It didn’t dawn on me until a mom said to me, “you are truly very precious and loving. You are so adorable and inspiring. I feel so good being around you and your boys.”  In my mind I wondered what she saw, I mean…I was just being myself. Haha 😂 Truly a giggle to my soul. 

We left this evening with lots of hugs, love and new friends. I feel joy in my heart. I thank God for HIM inspiring through our lives and giving me the courage to share my faith tonight as I got asked How Do I Do It?  My answer…I just pray and He does it through me somehow. 

What a gift to be able to come together with strangers to share a common struggle with the pain of our children’s diagnosis and instantly be more bonded than blood relatives. (I have no support with my relatives) And the free’ness of the day was just the cherry on top of a life giving day. 


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